Paris Agreement Hashtags

The Paris Agreement, formally known as the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, is an international treaty signed in 2015 to address climate change and limit global warming to below 2 degrees Celsius. Over 190 countries have signed the agreement, committing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and transitioning to a low-carbon future.

As with any major political agreement, social media has played a significant role in driving awareness and promoting action on the Paris Agreement. Hashtags, in particular, have been used to gather support and amplify messaging related to the agreement.

Here are some of the most popular Paris Agreement hashtags to follow and use:

#ParisAgreement – This is the official hashtag used by the United Nations and the international community to refer to the agreement and promote awareness.

#climatechange – This broader hashtag encompasses all actions related to climate change, including the Paris Agreement. Using this hashtag can help connect your messaging to a larger climate change movement.

#actonclimate – This hashtag is frequently used by environmental organizations and activists to promote action on climate change, including supporting the Paris Agreement.

#COP21 – The Paris Agreement was negotiated at the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Paris in 2015. This hashtag was frequently used during the negotiations and is still used to refer to the agreement.

#KeepParisAgreement – This hashtag was popularized after the United States announced its withdrawal from the Paris Agreement in 2017. It is often used to express support for the agreement and continued efforts to address climate change.

#ClimateActionNow – This hashtag is used to promote immediate action on climate change, including implementing the Paris Agreement.

#ClimateAction – Similar to #ClimateActionNow, this hashtag is used to promote action on climate change and support for the Paris Agreement.

Using hashtags effectively can help increase visibility for your messaging related to the Paris Agreement and climate change in general. Remember to use relevant and popular hashtags, as well as create your own unique hashtags specific to your campaign or messaging. By joining the broader climate change conversation on social media, you can help drive awareness and ultimately create change for a more sustainable future.

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